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To Chef Ken No this was'st our first cruise we've cruised with carnival before and we come from a family of cruiser's. Our family booked three cruises at the same time two for NCL and one for Prinsess Star for Alaska in august. We were kinda the sacraficial lambs for Pride Of Hawaii free style cruise april 02 2007. My wife is disabled and uses a wheelchair. We learned from our first cruise to take two wheelchairs for travel a powerchair for onboard and at ports and a manual chair for tendor excursions. We had booked this trip last august through AAA travel. We were reluctant to book our excursions prior to our cruise due to accessibility issues,As soon as we got on ship we hit the shore excursion desk to book our luau volcanos and maui on your own. The shore excursion desk called our stateroom later that night to inform us that they could not get a bus with a lift for our volcanos trip. What we think is that we were the only wheel chair for that trip and they were saving the bus for the more expensive that just happened to have another wheelchair rider. The desk offered a 20% discount for the trip so we went 6.5 hours was definately to long. we had a few other problems lifts not working not being able to book dinners for decent ours I had 3 meals on ship 1 at papas 1 at cagneys and 1 at le bistro which was a complimentry dinner from a anniversary package that I got billed for. and we did have dinner on formal night at the grand pacific. None of which we found to be exceptional and the cafe was out of the question, the food tasted like the hand sanitizer that seems to stop people from washing thier hands. The islands were beautiful But cruising is also supposed to be about the food.