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Originally posted by Dina2799:

Do you know if there is a specific type of reservation you need to have in order to be offered an upsell? I have a reservation that had to be a specific room not a level guarantee as we are traveling with a 1 year old and had to book a specific room.
There's no rhyme or rhyme for NCL upsell offers.
It really depends upon what's available on your ship for your cruise and what cabin you've booked. Those booking Inside Cabins are not going to be offered a sweet deal for a Garden Villa. Someone in an Owner's or Penthouse Suite will be offered a sweet deal for a Garden Villa. Inside cabins will probably be offered a Balcony Cabin upsell, assuming someone in a Balcony Cabin took an upsell for a Mini-Suite.
The purpose of upsells from NCL's point of view is to book empty higher priced cabins and freeing up lower priced cabins for later bookings. It's primary purpose is not to let all of us to get a great deals at the last moment.