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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
Go to your profile by clicking on your name, then edit profile, then scroll down to your signature.

BTW, I was just looking at your cruise list. We were on the 10/11/03 Holiday cruise too!
Yep, it was that "Senior Moment". I have been to that site 1,000 times and was to "old" to remember to pull the bar down to see the rest of the site.

I hate that the dates take up so much room, but I do love to find folks that were cruising with us and did not know it.

I was in the presense of "greatness" and did not even know it!!

That was our second trip on the Holiday that year. Terrence was our karaoke host. He made it all the way to Asst, CD before "retiring" from Carnival.

I also did the Talent Show on that cruise. I sang Ray Boltz "One Drop of Blood" ( a gospel song).