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just back from 1st cruise independance of the seas southampton on 25/09 what a greedy greedy company ship , food, service, clean ,100% great in every way but really greedy and so much a money makein machine ,, drink,s way to much $7.99 a beer $spirt& tonic $6.65 omg n every every port of call $12 per person 1 way $24 both way,s .photos $19.95 taken at every port photos with capitain crew ,,in dinning roomin swimming pool in every inch of ship $19.95 duty free shop cheaper than on all port ,s of call will sell you any amount never sayed that going back into english port you are only allowed 200 cig,s & 1 litre of spirt,s (not every one get,s stoped by custom.s which is like airport securtiy amazin entertainment you would pay at ??