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Just got an email indicating that Regent and Silversea intend to begin advertising their cruises without including port charges in the pricing. This is a radical departure in the way pricing has always been structured with cruiselines and other sources. Only a few fringe sites that have dubious marketing have done this in the past, kind of a "come on" price and when you call you discover the price is not really the price. If this new marketing approach is successful it will be much harder for clients to shop for cruises without digging deep to get at the real cost. I know you already have to add the tax and fuel surcharges to get a total but the port charges are significant in the rates currently shown and have historically been included in pricing by reputable agencies. This change will also affect the way other providers of cruises by these two lines show pricing in order to be competitive in what they show. I hope this does not stand the test of time and further hope that other lines don't adopt this policy.

Just my opinion but I feel its a poor way to attract calls and interest in your line to advertise pricing that is not consistent with the way the industry accepted pricing is established and offered to the public.

Cheers, Neil