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The scrapping of the SS Norway, the largest Passenger ship of the 20th Century is set to be another enviromental disaster for India.

Exported from Germany by NCL for an illegal trip to the scrap yards in India, the lives of thousands of Indian workers are currently hanging in the balance. And no, this isn't about them earning a living but earning a death sentence.

This ship has, it's rumoured,1250 tons of asbestos panels and a large amount of poisonous chemicals onboard, and guess what; the poorly paid workers at the breakers in Alang in India get to dismantle the ship with nothing much more than a blowtorch.

The break-up of this ship is illegal under the terms of a UN treaty and the European Waste Ship Regulations. This ship should have been professionally decontaminated in Germany before she left for the innocent and ill equipped in India.

I cannot believe the callous disregard for International Regulations by Norwegian Cruise Lines on the asbestos issue.
But on reflection the boiler explosion onboard the SS Norway, which killed 7 crewmen and led to her "imminent scrapping" says a lot about NCL. If they were an airline I don't think I'd fly in their planes. As it is, at least I can swim I suppose.