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With all due respect, Dave, I think those might be rose colored glasses out of which you're viewing. The cartels don't give a rip about the tourist economy and will do whatever it takes to further their purposes. The police in Mexico are underpaid and underarmed, and in many locations, bought by the cartels. The police are worthless which is why the adminsitration sent in the army late last year to fight the cartels (all the while, iring civil rights groups in Mexico!). The Mexican military has its hands full as the cartels are armed as well if not better than the military!

There is also a human smuggling train well entrenched that begins in El Salvador that makes its way up through Mexico and in some locations, along the coast. This train is "managed" by the cartel.

So, again, no offense, but the cruise lines (translation: tourist) will have no impact on the cartels any time soon. At the same time, knowing what I know, I'm still going to the Mexican Riviera next year.