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i dont think so.
1. if ss norway is ordered off the beach Star or whoeva ownership is transfered 2 will say that she cannot be removed from the beach or some dodgy exuse and if she does get off the beach the same stuff will hapen and shell mysteriously 'sink' or get taken 2 another breakers yard.
2. SS United States will go 2 asia 4 repairs or use as a Casino, Hotel or Ferry or something and tragicly sink or something. If she makes it 2 asia she will remain layed up 4 a while maybe and be sent 2 the breakers yard. the world WILL fall 4 it, they did with the Norway. This time ownership could be made out 2 another company and thell do the dirty work.
3. SS Independence is and has been a background exuse and i feel that she will suffer the same fate or be sold again.
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