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Many people book in advance so they can select a specific cabin, deck, location, etc. They don't want to wait until last minute to get the leftovers. It also doesn't benefit some people to book at last minute when they would have to pay sky high last minute airfare. PHX is a large airport with lots of competition, but someone coming from the East coast or Midwest might not have that choice. (Atleast, not without driving 3-4hrs.) So if they book their cruise early at $800, their air early at $500, they are better off than waiting until last minute paying $649 and $800 for air. IMHO I don't know why some people are so obsessed going around on their cruise talking about how much they paid anyway. Do they go up and down the airplane asking everyone what they paid? Do they go around the hotel asking everyone what they paid for their room? Do they go to a land resort and walk around the pool asking everyone what they paid? They should be going on their cruise and just have a good time. Unless a person works in the Travel Industy I don't think they will ever understand the complexity about the whole booking process about cruises. There are way to many variables. Someone may have paid more for their cruise then you did. But they might not be mentioning they also got a 1hr cocktail hour from their TA, or onboard credit, or that transfers were included. The person talking about how cheap they got theirs', might be mentioning the base price before taxes and fees, and not mention they booked on the very bottom deck and just happen to luck out and get upgraded. Everything is not just black & white. Bottom line is you should be going on the cruise to have a great time and not obsessing on how much everybody paid.