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Hi all,
We took my 4 sons (15, 13, 10 & 10) on a RC cruise last summer and they all had a blast! We actually did not force them to eat with us because we knew they might want to occasionally get pizza with friends or something, but surprisingly they showed up for dinner EVERY night with us. The programs for kids are very well organized and there was always something for them to do. We just had them "check in" with us several times per day.

One thing to watch though...there are "after hours" for the younger kids and the ship charged us for those hours even though we didn't realize the boys were there "after hours". Be sure to check what time the kid's club closes and the "after hours" starts and tell your kids they are to be back at their cabin by a certain time. I really didn't mind if they want to stay up late, but after a certain hour, they should be in their cabin (not roaming the ship or charging up the after hour rates.)
Hope that helps.

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