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poormom, Holly is beautiful. Labs are my favorite dogs. I ended up having to give my black Lab Reggie to a cousin that had a house with a pond and another Lab after I moved into a condo. It broke my heart at the time, but I had to do the right thing as I saw it. Thank goodness it worked out and he loves the pond and playing with the other Lab. They are very smart. He would know the sound of my car and have his leash in his mouth waiting for me when I would come home. They are very loyal dogs, and he still knows me when I visit. The other Lab barks at me some when I first arrive, Reggie runs right up to me when he hears my voice and starts licking me.

ps. I don't know why the album says it was edited by me. All I did was open it up to see the photo source to see if I could link it for you in your other post. I didn't edit or change anything.