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I had a Wonderful time on the Fantasy! I had no problems whatsoever, only that there were too many kids in the hottub(couldn't get near it)! Oh will be kids! The staff was very courteous & helpful, especially Juan, the bartender on the Lido deck. He's a very cool guy...I told him I'd show off his picture on my website! If anyone wants to see some pictures, there are about 80 on my site(out of about 1400)!! I took alot of pics, & still had a great time...didn't get too much sleep though.
The food was excellent, the shows were good(although I'm not too big on shows). It rained a few times, but with the warmth & humidity, it didn't bother me. The day in Nassau was great...clear skies...Perfect!! Although I got a pretty good dose of sunburn, I expected as much. The Blue Lagoon snorkeling excursion is highly overrated, in my opinion(I guess I should take up scuba-diving)! I was impressed at the size & steadyness of the ship. The motion was really only apparent in my cabin...still had sea-legs 2-3 days after I got back! All-in-all, I had a wonderful experience. It was everything that I'd thought it would be & more!!!
Did I mention the women??