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Originally posted by sunset68:
I will probably not book the NCL again, at least not way agead of time. If I have to book early, I will hoose those cruise lines who are willing to adjust the prices in case it drops. This way I make sure I always get the best deal. In my opinion, NCL is penalizing the early booking customers. Sunset68
I'm going to disagree. Up to ~90 days before your cruise, whatever the final payment for your cruise is, you can cancel and rebook your cruise and take advantage of lowering fares. It's just in those last 90 days before your cruise where NCL is reluctant.
There's easily ~1,000 cabins on every NCL cruise ship. If ALL ~1000 cabins ask for just a measely $100 OBC to match lower fares initiate by NCL in an attempt to sail a ship full and on all 11 NCL ships; NCL losses $1.1 million that week, for an entire year the total losses would be over $57 million.
It's one idea to take a loss on the few remaining cabins left unbooked, it's another to take a much larger loss on every cabin. Other cruise lines have publicly advertised "Guarantee Lowest Prices" for early bookings, but not NCL.
Just because one cruise line does, doesn't mean every cruise line should. NCL doesn't have the $57 million to give away to meet other cruise lines promises.
I might add NCL promises other things that the other cruise lines don't. Do you expect other cruise lines meet all of NCL's promises?