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Roatan Island

Well we weren't going to do anything at this port of call - but we decided at the last minute to go and see the monkeys and Parrots at the Wildlife Refuge. We had a great time interacting with the spider monkeys,they came right down out of the tree and sat on your shoulders - beware though to hide anything shiny - the like to steal a hat, cans of pop,sunscreen etc. Its very interesting to watch them actually open up a bottle of pop and drink it with others, some have a very strong arm and can throw an empty bottle quite a ways. I had a 10 month old monkey take my bottle of diet coke out of my pocket and scamper up the tree. The Parrots & Tucans were awesome to watch in their habits. The shopping area outside the terminal at Roatan provided some souviners but alot of wood products. It is a very lush country with breathtaking views of the hillsides.