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I guess the issue to put forth here and then maybe we can close this thread is that Belize is a third world country and CDNS and US travellers have no government protection when it comes to the Rx medications purchased. If there was ever a recall of the Rx meds purchased from Belize or Costa Maya (another spot where there is a big Pharmacia that caters to the tourists), you would never know would you??? I do not keep tabs on the newswires of these countries after I have come and gone. Is saving a few bucks really worth the risk. The Belize spot is now a little less congested than it used to be but I still did see on the shelves at quick glance ciprofloxacin, doxycycline and erythromycin sitting pretty in clear little bottles. Hmmmm. These Rx meds should be better protected in darkened blue or brown bottles against sunlight. You would hate to be buying Rx meds that have lost their potency now because of exposure to sunlight. Just some food for thought.