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Yeah i just wanted to get other's opinion of it. Me and my spouse went to ocho rios february 07. And we did the dunn's river falls and it was such a workout. I did enjoy it and the water is so very cold. I was just so aggravated when i went there because of all the aggresion that was presented to us. I didnt wear any jewelry or anything fancy when i went. I would politely say i wasnt intrested then some of the people became very rough wihout saying we were liars and they know we have money and things like that. One of the people in the market outside of the dunn river falls went as far as to grab my arm and pull me into her store. That was a big mistake, because when she asked my name she immediatley went to carving it on a wood carving then told me okay that would be 10 dollars. I told her i didnt ask for it and then she became even more upset. So to make the situation calm i went ahead and gave her the 10 dollars for the carving. Like the other post i would highly recommend anyone to go with a group in jamaica and not go off on your own.

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