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We have been assigned a room number, but when I called RCCL about it they (our travel agent,didn't book through the cruise line) failed to ask if we had any special needs. I told the rep from RCCL that my hubby was 100% disabled and she said that they have to provide us an accessable handicap room ( he isn't in a wheelchair but walks with a cane and has mobility issues at times) if we ask for one. I have to call our travel agent to get her to call RCCL to make the change. The Rep was a supervisor in resolutions and she said that they have to provide for his needs at no extra cost even if the room is on a higher deck and even if the room is bigger. There is only, from what I can tell 10 asscessable rooms on the ship. What happens if they run out of those rooms? Just thought I would try to get some imput here if you have any advice. The lady said they have to give us the accessable room because of the dissability act. She also said it will be much nicer than where we are. I tried to get a room closer to the elevator so he doesn't have far to walk, but with the gaurantee the room that we have now is like maybe 10-15 rooms from the elevator. That is why she suggested us getting the handicap room.

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