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That is funny! We had a table of eight many years ago. The was a young newlywed couple, and the new bride complained about everything every night! She would order things not on the menu and then say they were not cooked right, or they were too this or that. I could tell the new husband was embarrased, and the entire table was as well. She was so annoying, and ran the waiter and busboy ragged. I felt sorry for the young groom being married to her, and for the staff that had to endure her. Everyone else's food was great all week. When we would see the other tablemates out and about they all said the same thing..I hope she doesn't come to dinner tonight!

And you can guess it! The last night (tip night back then) they did not show up. The rest of us felt so bad for the staff that we all agreed to chip in extra to cover it. Since the waiter and busboy then knew we all felt the same, the opened up and shook their heads about her. They thanked us profusely and apologized that we were seated with her. Apparently the word in the dining room had gotten around about her, a few minutes later the waiter and maitre'd came back with a bottle of wine..compliments of the staff they said! At least we all, including the staff got to laugh at her rediculous behavior, and enjoy a nice glass of wine while doing it.