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I liked the luau we went to and so did my family. WE went to 1 at the Cultural Centre. There are lectures, but you do not have to go to those. Then there are crafts and cooking and dancing classes with an entire show (on water: we show our tapees of these shows to friends when tehy ask before they go tehmselves)of the various polynesian island differences. The actual eating meant more because we understood the meanings of things as our kids went with them to see the pit where the pig was cooked. The kids waited patiently for their fake tatoos (and I must admit, so did I!). They learnt the meanings of the various designs. Now we have Hawaiian themed birthday parties and I make the chicken long rice (actually noodles)and fake it with the pork etc. I am a proud Caribbean islander now living in Canada, with Hakka roots that merge in Hawaii.