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Some ships give you a mug to refill, some give you a sticker on your Ships Card....Unless you drink a lot of soda, I mean 4 or more glasses a day, I don't think it's worth the money....You can get free juice, coffee, hot chocolate, milk, tea at the buffet.....most of the liquids are there 24-7....There is bottled water for sale, and water in the restaurants and buffet too...they will offer you bottled water, but the ships water is just as good...and it's free...You don't refill your mug yourself, you have to go to the bar and get it refilled...and some bartendars aren't too happy doing it, but most will do it without crabbing....You will love the Voyager, make sure you get to the ice show, Johnny Rockets, mini golf, climbing wall...and of course the Promanade....Happy Sailing...

Bob E