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Originally posted by Cissy:
I will be taking my first cruise with my children ages 2,6,8. I am looking for reviews of camp carnival. Specifically safety and cleanliness issues. Did they keep the kids busy or were they board? This will be an extended family cruise, so there will be cousins that are the same ages as them in there as well. My sister and I are going to get three rooms so that the children will be all together between the adult rooms. Also any additional ideas and tips would be greatly appreciated. Should we get drink cards for the kids? We usually do not allow them soda, but I fear they will be board with juice. What about milk? Can you get it? How much? Thank you so much!!!! Oh, we are going Eastern Carribean.
Welcome to Cruise Chat.

I have had 10 years of experience with Camp Carnival at every age level. We started cruising with our 2 boys when they were 5 and 8.
(The youngest is now 16 and headed out on his 20th Carnival Cruise).

You can relax. The Camp Carnival Staff have always provided a safe and fun environment. Our youngest son is a special needs I have a PhD in being overprotective.

If your children are still 2, 6 and 8 when they board the ship...the 2 year old will be in the 2 - 5 age group and the 6 and 8 year old will be together in the 6 -8 age group.

Here are a copy of these two age group you can get "an idea" of the activities they provide.

While this may not be the exact ship you are going on...the activities are pretty standard from ship to this will give you a good idea.

We have always found the staff to be excellent.
Of course as with anything...some are better than others...but we have never had a bad experience.

If your oldest is going to be 9 when they get on the ship...let me know and I will post the 9-12 Capers for you.

Yes, there is milk on the ship...anytime. You can also order it with room service.

Except the fact that the 2 year old may fuss a going to a new nursery at church the first time...but you will have a pager and the little one will settle down.

Happy Cruising!!!