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I think you are mistaken about the laundry on the Sovereign. It didn't have them. None of RCI's ships have them. As far as I know, only Carnival and Disney have self-serve laundries on all of their ships. HAL has them on some ships but not all of them. I don't recall Princess or Celebrity having self-serve laundries either. I just checked their websites and they only mention the regular laundry service. I offer this info to you for your future planning

For perspective, Carnival's base internet fee is 75 cents per minute with packages similar to those offered by NCL. At present, RCI charges 55 cents per minute and also has package deals. Since ship's internet is via satellite they only have so much bandwidth and actually can't accommodate too many users at once. The best internet I've ever had on a ship was with the Freedom and Liberty Of The Seas. It was fast as far as ships go (about 3 or 4 times as quick as a telephone modem) and it was ship-wide wifi so I could use my Macbook.

The standard cabins on the Sovereign class of ships are 119 square feet. The Sovereign is no longer an RCI ship though. The smallest cabin we ever had was with NCL on the Seaward. 112 square feet, and it was a triple! They also had quads the same size.