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Last year My husband and I booked the Stingray City, and I have to say that it was "GREAT". We were on a small boat with about 10 other people, had a wonderful Captain, who shared all he knew about them. We took underwater cameras (which we bought onboard) and got some super shots of us both swiming under water with the stingrays,and a few where they come up out of the water to say hello all over us~! There not slimy or anything they actully feel very nice. It is a memory I will have forever, before the trip was done the captain and talked me into kissing one lol~!you can hold them just on the waters suface. Everyone on our boat was having a great time, the captains crew took video of us all during the swim and on the way back we could buy a copy to be mailed to us for 65.00
We choose not too then but now i wish we would have. When we got back from that we spent the day on the beach just relaxing. Grand Caymen is beautiful and very relaxing place to visit...have fun on your trip~! we are going back there again next week ourselfs and doing the turtle farm and hell.