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- OH YES! THE POOL DECK LOUNGE CHAIR SAVERS!!! Some people think they can place there plate of food, drink, book or other personal item on a lounge chair on or around the pool deck, and it's theirs (sometimes for the whole day). I liked the funny statement one of the members here said (words to the effect): "I don't have to ever shop for any books, sunglasses or towels. I can just walk around the pool deck during my cruise

Most people that have been on here for a while know my feelings about this. I don't want to feel like I'm stealing the chair-saver's towels anymore. So my new resolution is to auction them on ebay and send the proceeds to Unicef. I'm calling it my redistribution from the me-me's to the children program.

I have so many I better space myself like Frase.

Let's get this one out of the way. People who are rude to the crew and staff. I have to go in to "Serenity Now" sometimes to keep from going off on them.