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Hi Dwayne, thank you for that information, that I "did not" know about. I did pick out the "past guest" information to look at. I went to the bottom of the page, and if I read it right , I believe the ship we are to take (Liberty) is covered with an "past guest upgrade." I noticed it mentioned something about 4A, but I have no clue what that meant, unless you mean that is the "code?"

As I said earlier, we have not paid the balance off, but is due next month. If I read this information right, should I mentioned something to my TA that it said if we book before December 31st, we should get an upgrade?

As you can tell.....this is all "Greek" to me.

Oh it just dawned on me, the TA did say we were to get a "past guest" credit of $30 or $50, I believe. Would that make a difference in this situation? Actually I would prefer having an "upgrade", than the $30 credit.