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We are looking into taking a Disney Cruise over Labor Day this year. Does anyone know what is the earliest time you can get on the ship? How about the latest? We are looking at airfare and the times they fly out from here and arrive in Orlando, and our choices are 6:30 am arriving at 9:30.... which would be arriving at the airport at 4:30 in the morning with a 3 year old.....or 10:15 am and arriving at 1:00 pm in Orlando. Getting baggage about 1/2 hour....driving about an hour..dropping people at the ship, dropping the rental car, having them shuttle one of us back to the ship.... so the 9:30 arrival would put us at the ship at about 11:00 or so....but starting our day in the middle of the night with a 3 year old...not preferable....or taking the flight a few hours later, getting to Orlando at 1:00 thus getting us to the ship around 2:30 or so. Our knowing what the time frame is for boarding and stop boarding is, would be helpful.

Or......possibly flying out the day before, and staying in a hotel in the area.....anyone know of one in the area of Port Canaveral that has cool stuff to do for a 3 year old?