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What's the general opinion on these? On the RCCL we're going on (Adventure of the Seas in the Southern Caribbean), there are three different beverage packages (water, soda and juice). Why do they have to be different? I like all three, I might feel like a soda one day and a jiuce the next day. Are the drinks that much more expensive outside of these packages? Given we will be in a port almost every day (except one) I wonder if we'll end up buying more off the ship than on.

With the wine packages, the least number of bottles is 5. For a 7-day cruise, that might be a lot of wine to consume at the dinners. I know, it depends on how much of a wine drinker I am. If there is such a thing as "average" that's us. There are always exceptions, but 1 1/2 glasses per dinner is typical. I believe the average bottle holds more than that. They say unopened bottles can be taken home. Any opinions on whether this is a good value or are we better to stick with buying as we go, which is probably more expensive.