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We have been to this part of Europe many times (was just there in mid-may for a week) and it would be impossible to do it all in a day. There are also some current problems with the ferries to Capri (they recently had a one-day strike) because the ferry company wants to reduce service and the islanders are furious. Its a big mess and not sure how or when it will be resolved. Pompeii will take a good 2- 3 hours and this is a fast pace (admission is 10 Euros). You can get to Pompeii on the Circumvesuviania train line from Naples (get off at the Pompeii Scavi station) and you could take the same train down to Sorrento after Pompeii. But the Amalfi drive is best left as a full day. In May, we stayed in Praino (for a week) which is 7 miles past Positano..and it took us about an hour to drive to Sorrento on a quiet day. In summer traffic this same drive can take 1 1/2 hours...and this is only half way to Amalfi from Sorrento. After reading your post my instincts tell me you would be better off taking an organized tours...even though I personally hate tours. Just finding the right train in the Naples train station (its on the lower level down the stairs) can be an adventure for someone who has little experience traveling in Europe. Under ideal circumstances you could take the train to Pompeii, continue on the same train line to Sorrento, take the ferry from Sorrento to Capri, and than the hydrofoil from Capri back to Naples (it docks adjacent to the cruise port), but this is a stretch.