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I went with just the scrambled eggs with onion and salmon in it,
This is my husband's favorite breakfast, probably having something to do with "the way Mom used to make it." In fact, on the Crystal cruise earlier this month, the omelet guy at the Lido buffet would purposely keep lox on hand and start the omelet as soon as he saw us walk into the room, until my husband told him to hold off. Talk about service! I asked for a spinach and cheese omelet one day, and he was ready to make it for me every morning until I told him not to.

Sometimes my husband would walk through the buffet and collect things like capers, spinach, cheese, etc., and then take the plate to the omelet man and have him combine it with eggs. Omelet Man always looked forward to seeing what my husband collected that morning.

Today it's going to be oatmeal and blueberries for me...