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grcmd Posted April 07, 2009 01:36 PM
hello. thanks for the email. i'm gary and will be the emerald princess, sailing july 5 from copenhagen. i'm traveling with my wife, we are both 52 years-old.
i have booked a 2 day tour of st. petersburg with a nice family of five. our tour is with a company called SPB-TOURS and should be easy to find on line. the web site is or something similar. i've worked closely with the owner of the company named Viktoria. we are hoping to find another couple of 2 to join us on the 2 day tour of st. petersburg. this will help make the trip more affordable and still offer a better tour than the one offered by the cruise line. if you are interested, please go the web site and send an email to viktoria telling her you'd like to join the tour with gary, his wife, and "jean's family".
also, spb-tours offers a private tour of berlin. my wife and i are looking for other people to join us for a tour of berlin. let us know if you might be interested in that as well.

feel free to email me directly at:

if this does appeal to you, tell me a bit about yourselves.