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Hey, thanks, Sonny for having my back!!!

Sorry, weejack, if insulted you by implying that you were a "Him." My thinking was along the same lines as Dave's.

I am not trying to start a feud here or anything, but I will at least respond to your reply to my original post...your reply confirmed exactly what I said and that is that you had a lack of foresight and planning. You admitted it by saying you don't like to have a plan. I find it interesting that you never mentioned anything in your original post about the prices being double what was in your printed brochure. I have a question about that...was that a Royal Caribbean brochure or was it from some other third party source. I must say that I have never seen a Royal Caribbean brochure with printed prices for any of the items you mentioned. My guess is that your argument is with some other third party travel company who sold you the cruise.

As you can see from my signature, I currently have two cruises booked and I have already researched the prices on everything and know exactly what to expect. I know how much liquor I can bring back with me (if I so desire) and how much the cab ride from the airport to the hotel is in San Juan. The reason I know all of this is because of the miracle that is known as the internet. I use it to gather information so as not to be blind sided by anything while traveling to foreign places. In fact, most of this information can be found right here on this wonderful site ( Now, since you posted on this site, I must assume that you have access to the internet, so might I suggest that you do a little more research before your next trip so you don't get so offended by....I'm not sure how to fill in the black here since it was your lack of planning all along that caused the problem.

Anyway, I am sorry if I somehow come off as sounding rude in any way, that is certainly not my intention. It is just that most of us here on this site are very happy with Royal Caribbean as a cruise line and take it almost personally when someone trashes their name without cause, especially for the reasons that you listed. You did not simply lodge a complaint about the kept referring to the cruise line as "Greedy" in such a derogatory manner that it rubbed me the wrong way. By the way, you do realize that you don't have to purchase the photos that they take of you, correct? That was your decision.

If you choose to cruise again, I hope you have a better experience the next time.

Take care,