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Please excuse my repost: I put this in the Carnival section and got little response, so I was hoping that one of you friendly people could help.

Has anyone tried SNUBA in St. Thomas or elsewhere? Sounds like a ton of fun, but I have a few concerns: How much of your time (of 3 hours?) is actually spent SNUBA-ing. Was it worth the money? Does it take place in areas populated with fish/coral/buried treaure/free beer? I'll be be going in early September, by the way (Carnival Miracle).

The other excursion I'm considering in St. Thomas is the Kiyak/Hike/Snorkel adventure. It's a bit cheaper, and you seem to get to do a whole lot (after all that food, I'll need activity). I'm wondering if the snorkel portion is any good, so comments on that would also be great.

Thanks people.