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What you recieved is the highest category of inside cabin on the ship (Assuming you booked an inside guarantee). The other possible cabin is a balcony, also a Cat BA, the highest Cat of balcony on the ship other than suites. Normally these cabins go at a premium, well above the cost of a guarantee if you ask for an assigned cabin in this location. It's steps from the pools and on the same deck as Horizon Court, the buffet. No stairs to climb, no elevators to wait for, you're right where everyone on other decks are heading, where you want to spend your time. A cabin location won't make you seasick, there are better locations for people with an issue of motion sickness. If you know you have such an issue, you should never book a guarantee. Never, never, ever. The reason guarantees are attractive and so popular is that there is a chance of upgrade at the lowest possible price. You got a low price and a significant upgrade. Now you're concerned about a randomly assigned cabin which is what you agreed to at the time of the booking. I guess I'm confused about the concern. You can probably pay more, be taken out of the random promotion you were booked in and be assigned a cabin in the location of your choice. That is, if there are still any mid-ship cabins available. If they're assigning the guarantees, its unlikely. If you don't mind me asking, why did you ever decide to take a guarantee? You could have been assigned a cabin under the galley, over the engine room and props or beside the disco. You actually recieved a great cabin.

Cheers, Neil