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Originally posted by Jim1012:
Sorry, but once again I have to state that I think that the soda-stamp deal onboard is a rip-off. Ture you get this cute SMALL soda cooler-tumbler type holder, but, once filled with ice, holds MAYBE half a can of soda.
Ok I have a question:

Every time you asked for a Soda do you used that cooler-tumbler??

You don't have to use it...
is a gift for buying the card (stamp) and they are cheaper than the ones they sell on the gift shop. As I remember I gave it to my nephew as a gift I never use it during the whole trip.

If you buy this soda card just go to any bar or pub and ask for the soda they will give you one either you have the "SMALL soda cooler-tumbler” or you don't have it with you they will just give you the soda on a glass from the bar.

Also I don't recommend to try to use one card for two people I know some people that have done it over the years and get away with it but

What about the Restaurant?
What about if they discover the situation?
That can be an embarrassing situation and a bad end to a cruise...