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Ron, I beg to differ with your assessment that I am not being realistic. While I would love to see her sailing again, it will take a lot to get her there -- both work-wise and $-wise.

On to a couple of other issues. As one who travels to NYC often for both business and pleasure, I know firsthand that there certainly are plenty of times during which hotel rooms are scarce. But, I still think she has a more promising future as a museum of U.S. ocean liner history (whereas Intrepid is a warship -- big difference -- and yes, I've visited). I envision several rooms paying tribute to some of this country's great ocean liners, such as America, Constitution, and of course, SS United States. Perhaps even the growth of the modern cruise industry in the U.S., to draw in those who aren't the liner aficionados we are.

NYC is also in the process of creating a huge park and walkway along the Hudson River. I've seen this in various stages as I travel there a great deal, and it's coming along nicely. SS United States -- once the pride of our country -- would be a wonderful attraction, alongside a renovated USS Intrepid.

Again, I'd love to see her sail again, and I'd be onboard in an instant. It's just that I believe there are too many obstacles to make this happen and to sustain it long-term.
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