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Hi if you read my post about the NCL cruise we just got back on you will see that my only complaint was the cost of the drinks. 2 us dollars for a can of coke and don't even mention alcholic drinks, a beer cost around 7 dollars and a bottle of wine anything from 30 us dollars then they put a 15 per cent tax on the top. The coffee from the machine is free, we found that it was very weak so put three espressos in one mug and then it tasted okay but if you ordera coffee from the bars they charge you for it. Yes the gratuities are 12 us dollars per person, it soon mounts up so you really must account for this when you are budgeting. We just did the Western med on a shoe string which can be done by using the info that the guys here have posted on the forum. Amazing the train fares were for nothing especially the BIRG tickets which were offered to us at Civitaveccia for Rome at 9 euros return. The walk from the port to the staion is flat and only takes about ten minutes . I laughed when we were in Rome, we thought we would have a 'cheap' cup of coffee in Rome save us having an expensive one when we got back on the ship, that just shows you what sort of shoestring we were on but the coffee was FIVE EUROS a cup. Oh well, it was delicious and the venue outside the Pantheon was wonderful. You do get tea and coffee in your cabin and we found it was okay, also you get tea and coffee and water with each meal. Hope that helps,NCL was great, have fun. Davina