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Hello Everyone:

I am a long time member of this forum, but I haven't been here for awhile. I am glad to be back.

Anyway, in early May I went on my 6th cruise. Onboard the Carnival Legend. It was my 4th with Carnival. I am by no means a well experienced Carnival cruiser. Especially compared to some of you in this forum. However I believe I have been on enough Carnival cruises to say this: Regarding the Onboard Entertainment: Don't you think it is about time that Carnival makes changes to it??

First of all, I really appreciate the effort the Cruise Director and his/her staff go through to make sure the passengers enjoy themselves and have a good time on the cruise. However, I have been on 4 Carnival cruises within the past five years and I have seen the same old routine each time. I am sure some of you who are repeat Carnival cruisers…um..."Customers"…have seen and can predict these same re-occurring performances:

  • The Welcome Aboard show featuring FunShip Freddy and the Carnival Dancers performing with the same songs. One of which included a provocative/sultry/suggestive version of the US Navy anthem performed with the female dancers dancing accordingly. An Alto-Saxphone would take the lead, playing the melody of the anthem. I always wondered what those who served in the US Navy thought of that? (I am sure a few really liked it, but not all).
  • Then there is a talent show starring the, "Customers". It is always the same group of famous singers: Sinatra, Garth Brooks, Sonny&Cher, to name a few. And they would always get a couple to do Sonny and Cher; and the one who impersonates Sonny would be on their knees to exaggerate the short stature of Sonny. And it is always the same song, by those artists.
    But at least on my last cruise, some of the “Customers” took the liberty improvising during their performance, and it turned out to be hilarious. For example, the "Customer" who was performing his role as Sinatra, decided to change one line in the song. So he sang: "And regrets...I have a few...the casino...on this cruiseship" And at the end of the show, the male "Customer" performers are escorted off the stage by the female dancers...HOWEVER, the "Customer" impersonating Ricky Martin made sure to be escorted off-stage by a male dancer (I am not sure if the whole audience saw that happen, but I did and thought that was hilarious).
  • Anyway, I was also tired of seeing the routine where "a particularly high ranking crew member" impersonates Dolly Parton and is reluctantly thrust on stage, then chased around the stage and auditorium by the male dancers, accompanied by the band performing the theme song from Dolly Parton's first starring motion picture...(that movie about angst in the office workplace).
  • Also, I was tired of seeing the wait staff, on the last night of the cruise, singing that song with the altered lyrics. That song was originally composed by John Denver and made popular by him (and Peter, Paul and Mary). Except, as I said, they changed the lyrics so the song could be titled "Leaving Our Funship".[/list]These are just some (not all) of the performances/entertainment onboard a Carnival cruise that have become more than too familiar to the repeat "Customer".

    But like I said, I do appreciate that Carnival does make the effort to entertain its "Customers" during the cruise. And I am aware that such entertainment is not cheap nor easy to produce. I especially appreciate that despite that, the onboard entertainment is"included with the cruise fare".

    However, I do think it is time that Carnival revamps its entertainment to include new matierial" So, what do you all think?