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Originally posted by sherri:
Has anyone gone to Paradise Beach in Cozumel? Is it too good to be true? It looks wonderful. Any pro's or Con's I should know about? We are taking our two sons this time on the cruise. One is 21, the other 17. Will they like it?
Were going Dec. 15th. Will that matter?
We have been there 3 times since October and are heading there again in August.

Here is the deal on Paradise Beach:

Tom is the manager from Canada and has an excellent staff that work very hard to pull off "Paradise" every day.

Is it for you? This depends.

If you are crusing with kids, there is no better place.

Paradise Beach is free. (no entrance fee)
That means lounge chairs, tables, umbrellas, CLEAN restrooms, changing rooms and Internet at the bar...ALL FREE. All that they ask is that you eat/drink $10 per person for all day.

They also offer an optional $9 wristband that allows you to use their nonmotorized toys all day. These include iceberg, water trampolines (2), kayaks, snorkeling and floats and life vests if needed. There is a deposit for equipment that is returned IN FULL when you return the equipment. They also have lockers to rent if you need one.

Please note the wristbands are optional. This means in our case, the boys get them and Hubby and I do not. We are sit in the shade people.

Food and drinks are excellent. You simply run a tab and at the end you can pay cash or credit card.

Paradise Beach is also surrounded by independent vendors who offer jet skis, banana boats, parasailing (the safer kind that uses a platform and a winch), massages on the beach for $1 a minute with a 20 minute minimum, hair braiding.

Now, will it be crowded? It depends on how many ships are in port. Since October, the most ships in port with us was 4 and Paradise Beach was not crowded at all.

The waterline is rocky so I would recommend beach shoes. But that is the entire resort side of Cozumel....not just Paradise Beach.

And if a Norte has blown in, the water can be murky...but again that will be everywhere.

Paradise Beach is not perfect. But they have a loyal following and an excellent rating among cruisers.

If that is what you are looking for. Now if you are adults only and want more of a subdued atmosphere...I have several excellent recommendations as well.