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Darryl, I think taking the train to New York is an excellent suggestion. I'm outside Washington, DC and always take the train to New York, for whatever reason I'm heading up there. From Albany, it's a cinch.

One thing to be aware of, for those sailing from New York, is that it could take quite a while to get a taxi at the pier after disembarking. I cruised from New York in May, and I along with about 100 of my former shipmates, were all waiting for taxis to drive up to the pier. There is someone out there coordinating things, as in, giving out numbers as you come outside, so everyone gets into a taxi according to your numbered ticket. We got off the ship relatively quickly (with only carry-on luggage and not needing to stop to claim luggage) and we were #48. It took about 35 minutes for it to be our turn to take the next taxi.

Did you have that experience?