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My wife took her first cruise on the StarShip Atlantic when Premier was still affiliated with Disney. She has such fond memories of that cruise - it got her "hooked" on cruising!! (I was taking my second cruise on the Carnivale at the same time... but I was "hooked" before I even set foot on a ship!!)

Also, thanks for a lovely picture of Oceanic, Raoul. I have admired that ship since I was a small boy in NYC and it was with Home Lines. I wrote a paper on ships for 7th grade, and the Oceanic factored large in my "Modern Era" section. I still remember the thrill of getting a thick envelope of brochures and pictures from Home Lines in response to a letter I sent them. It was my "dream" to cruise on the Oceanic... but my parents said it was "only for rich folks".... wow, how times and cruising have changed, no??