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I had a standard outside cabin with big window. I forget the category. It was cabin 9506 which looks directly out over the bow.

These cabins are mostly comparable with the Freedom class. I did think storage space was less, and the closet was hard to access. I hate closets where you can only get to half of it at a time, and then have to close the doors so you can access the other side. Poor design.

They also have hidden the electrical outlets. They are under the vanity table and not especially easy to access. Frankly I had to hunt for them. They have an outlet between the beds, but you can't access it when they put the beds into the queen-sized configuration.

I also had noise issues. I heard every flush from every cabin above me and on either side of me. I think this is mostly a forward cabin problem. Therefore, I cannot recommend booking any cabin in the front part of the ship. I'd go so far as to say don't book anything in front of the forward elevators.