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Me and my new fiance' went to the dunns falls in september. Believe me you will need water shoes, and wear clothes you don't mind getting wet. You will be in water up to your hips at times. The water is also very cold! I went through Royal Caribbean. From our ship we took a tour bus to the falls. The Rocks are very difficult to climb. It takes a lot of leg and arm strength to do. You are actually cllimbing the rocks with the water rushing down on you. We thought we would be climbing the side of the falls. Nope! you will be right in the middle of it with the water rushing on you. It's difficult but a fun experience. Just make sure you are ready to get wet! The Jamaican's take video footage and photo's of you while you climb and you can purchase the video tape there and pick it up from your cruise ship. It was nice to have.