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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
Price is affected by more than the species of lobster. What the price is in Puerto Rico is not what the price is in Boston. Oddly enough, I just googled the subject of lobster price and according to this story east coast lobster prices are in the tank, pardon the pun.

I also checked on raising lobsters commercially. The problem is that it takes so long for lobsters to achieve a marketable size that the venture is not profitable.
Thanks for the info Dave

But what I really don't understand is the logic on prices
for me, since we don't breed "fresh water lobster" here on Puerto Rico, it will have to be more expensive than the spiny lobster since we can catch them in our waters and the first one we have to import it from USA, but thats not the case

for soem reason the spiney lobster is more $$$ than the other...
My guess is that maybe, SAMS here on PR, has bring an overstock of them and since we are an island there is not much uses for frozen lobster when we can get it fresh from sea...