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You mention that your parents and you will be in an inside cabin on deck 2. How many people will be sharing that space (2,3 or 4)? The inside cabins on Enchantment are a tad small (140 sq. ft.) and if it is just your parents, they would probably be okay. If there are 3 or more, I would consider moving to a larger outside stateroom - if at all possible. Or better yet, have you requested one of the 4 handicap accessible staterooms that are a category N as you are presently in (#2119, 2123, 3119 and 3123). Not only are they much larger (258 sq ft) but they are very close to the elevators eliminating the need to walk far.

I never found the elevators on the Enchantment to take an unusually long time to arrive and no matter what floor your stateroom, using an elevator is going to be necessary.


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