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I have to admit that I THOUGHT you had to use that tumbler thing and show your stamped Sea-Pass card-I don't know if you can just get a glass with ice from the bar. Either way, filled with ice, they both wouldn't have half as much soda as a full can. Unless you drink a ton of soda, and feel like walking to the bar much more, buy the full can, ask for a glass of ice, and enjoy. As far as I'm concerned, the soda stamp program is a major rip-off; and I don't know any tumbler/cooler glass that's worth, on a 7 day cruise, $42. I don't care who's logo is on the outside; by the way, the one we got the first time just said COKE, and had a RCCL small logo at the top.
I must admit that I still have it on my closet shelf as a reminder to NEVER buy the soda stamp again(I'm getting old and forgetful).

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