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I'm back from my 12-day cruise on the Brilliance. On the whole, I felt it was a great cruise on a beautiful ship.

There are a few comparisons I will make to my previous cruise on the Princess line. Please keep in mind the previous cruise was to the Caribbean, and not the Mediterranean.

The two areas that I felt needed improvement on the Brilliance were entertainment and variety of food.

Re food, I've heard from previous cruisers that what you find on European cruises is just different and not as abundant, shall we say, as on cruises in the Americas. There were no lobster dishes on this cruise. I missed desserts such as the daily pick of brownies and cookies offered on the Princess cruise. I also found myself pining for the champagne waterfall on the next-to-last day, but they didn't have that.

As for entertainment, the production shows could have been better -- they had a Beatles night, Four Seasons, Tango Dancers from Argentina that were very good. The other entertainment in the lounges seemed to be subdued catering more to an older crowd. Mind you, I'm not a spring chicken, in my 50's, but hoping to hear a band doing contemporary pop.

This cruise was really about the port stops. Every stop was awe inspiring and breathtaking. The excursions were excellent; guide tours very well informed.

All in all, it was the most exciting and exhilarating vacation I've taken. I would definitely do it again.

I invite any particular questions anyone might have regarding either the ship or any of the ports.