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If you are really cruising the NCL Dream you need to google NCL Dream engine problems. I just cruised this boat with 28 friends on Oct 14-22 and we only made one of our 4 ports due to engine problems that they have been having since February of 2005. We rec'd a call the day before to tell us one(1) port had changed and our departure was postpond by 8 hr. we were offered $100 on board ship credit and were later advised that even with perfect water the ship could not make it's ports as we did not have enough engine power. 900 out of 1100 passengers signed a petition due to NCL corporate handling of the situation. On Sat Oct 22 the ship went back out to sea at 4pm with 1100 new vicitms of the "Dream" which was nicked named the "Nightmare". I hope you do not get caught in a bad "Dream" like we did. Good Luck! FYI - The local FOX tv station ran a story about it just last week in Houston. bab3122