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Originally posted by chris 2486:
we have booked a transatlantic cruise for april 2009. on the independance, We have just had notification that rccl will be taking one of our ports away for an extra day of cruising also they have changed the port of lisbon to madeira.when contacting rccl they said they have the right to do this and if we were to cancel we would not get our deposit back.we also checked if we could change the cruise to another one but once again they said we would lose the deposit.
we are relatively new to cruising but have 3 cruises booked with rccl in the next 12 months. i must say i will be cancelling 2 of the cruises now because i dont agree with there policys. and we will not use rccl again.
ie, 13 night transalantic cruise and only stopping at 3 ports of call distgusting.
Like Dave has already said, they do have the right to change or eliminate ports at their discretion. It rarely happens but when it does they should at least refund the port charges. I wouldn't let it turn you off to RCI as it could happen on any cruise line.