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Originally posted by Dave Beers:

About that car salesman...what impressed me the most was that he didn't treat me like a "mark". He respected me and treated me right. He also knew the product - everything about it. He knew that I probably had researched my trade-in value on the internet and told me so. So I had an upfront sales pitch from an honest guy, who wasn't trying to BS me. He spent 5 hours with us! And you know what? I'll buy my next car from him too. No gimmicks, just good people. That is something that always works with me.

It's good to hear someone not critical of a car salesman. I was one in the early 80s. Some of the criticism is justified. The industry does draw its share of slugs. But there are some like the one you came across who treat their profession and clients as they should. Glad to hear you found a good one.

After I left the business I kept in touch with many still in it. Now when I need a car I call one of my old friends and they have it prepped and ready for me before I ever leave my house. They even pull the invoice (the real one) and I give them a set amount over, depending on the cost of the vehicle and demand on it. Works great, in and out in the time it takes to sign the papers and catch up on old times. One friend is a Partner in a dealership, another is a GM and Several are tower guys. Last car I bought for my wife, I aksed her what color she wanted after she picked the make/model. She said she didn't care so I told my buddy to pick out something for us. Sight unseen and without ever knowing what color we were getting I bought it. She said my friend Rocco did well.

Cheers, Neil