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Originally posted by anni522:
I became a member of this club back in July and it sounded great! But I realized that it was just a scam. You do go by a point system like NancyN stated and all that she wrote is exactly what they tell you, but I have yet to receive my free companion air tickets, the resorts that you get are limited to only Cozumel & some other mexican resort and I was told I would be getting the best rate in the industry and I just checked for a cruise next year and my travel agent was cheaper than they were. I'm extremely disappointed and wish I would've never joined this club.
We also have found that the great savings promised have not been there. On board when they wanted me to sign up they promised 30% to 50% savings on future cruises...but I have found every time that the Carnival Vacation Club (CVC) price works out to be the same if not more than just booking through Carnival itself. I have called CVC and written them about this, but so far not one of the people I have talked to has helped. I am thinking of taking them to court on this because it was very deceptive advertising to say the least. The resort stays are always all gone or not available, no matter when you try to get them. This has turned out to be a very big dissapointment.